The Matterport 3D Showcase SDK is a JavaScript library for third-party developers to integrate Matterport with their web applications. Developers can deeply customize the 3D Showcase experience and build entire applications off of Matterport, enabling many exciting new use cases.

The SDK comes in a few varieties; see below for picking the one that best suits your needs.

SDK for Embeds

With this SDK, developers can

  • Execute actions to control 3D Showcase from their web app. For example, the user clicks a button on a webpage and moves to a specific location in the Matterport Space.
  • Listen to events from 3D Showcase and respond in their web app. For example, play a sound or voiceover when the user goes to a certain location in the Matterport Space.

SDK for Embeds

SDK Bundle

This SDK is an extension of the SDK for Embeds and provides a framework for deep third-party integration with Matterport models. You get direct access to the 3D engine, renderer, scene graph and more.

SDK Bundle

WebComponent (Beta)

The WebComponent is an isolated distribution of the SDK Bundle that encapsulates the Showcase Player within a single DOM element.


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