Type: mp.transformControls


Property Description
mode: string
default 'translate'
The transformation mode. Valid values are ‘translate’, ‘rotate’ and ‘scale’.
selection: ISceneNode or null
default null
The three.js object being controlled by this component.
showX: boolean
default true
X axis control visibility.
showY: boolean
default true
Y axis control visibility.
showZ: boolean
default true
Z axis control visibility.
size: number
default 1
The size of the transform control.


This component wraps the three.js transform controls component

It can be used to change the position, orientation, or scale of a scene node.

The controls are only visible when they are attached to an object by setting its input.selection. A null value will hide the controls.

Please take note that transform controls will appear at the center of a node and if a 3D Object has a local transformation, the transform controls will not be aligned with your 3D Object.

// Create a scene object and node with a model component.
// This node's transform will be changed by the transform control.
const [ sceneObject ] = await sdk.Scene.createObjects(1);
const modelNode = sceneObject.addNode();
modelNode.addComponent('mp.gltfLoader', {
  url: "http://test.com/bunny.gltf",

// Create a scene node with a transform control component.
const node = sceneObject.addNode();
const myControl = node.addComponent('mp.transformControls');

// Attach the model to the transform control
myControl.inputs.selection = modelNode;

// set 'translate' mode to position the selection.
myControl.inputs.mode = 'translate';