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SDK Version * 3.11.0
Last Updated Aug 25, 2021

*Where to specify the SDK version, Connect to a space

What is the SDK Bundle?

It is an extension of the SDK for embeds and provides a framework for deep third-party integration with Matterport models. You get direct access to the 3d engine, renderer, scene graph and more.

How do I obtain an SDK key?

Our developer tools are now out of beta and all accounts are now enabled to generate sandboxed SDK keys. You can find your key management by navigating to your Account Settings -> Developer Tools. To learn more about our developer tools, please visit the Matterport Developer Tools and Pricing



  • Fixed an issue where a share link would not link to
  • Fixed an issue where Scene.serialize would return undefined
  • Fixed an issue preventing the use of the api domain.
  • Fixed an issue where model loader components would not remove meshes from the scene when stopped.
  • Mobile redirects were removed. You can re-enable redirects by setting disableMobileRedirect to false in your app config.
  • Added the Scene namespace to the sdk type definitions.
  • Added scene objects. See Using scene objects and Scene.createobjects
  • Scene.serialize now serializes to version 2. Scene.deserialize takes both version 1 and 2 scene files.
  • Updated embedded three.js to version r128
  • Download SDK Bundle version:






  • Interface version updated to 3.10
  • Added scene parameter to ‘Scene.configure’ callback.
  • Added ‘INTERACTION.DRAG_BEGIN’ and ‘INTERACTION.DRAG_END’ events to scene node colliders.
  • Added ‘colliderEnabled` boolean to the gltf, fbx, dae and obj model loaders.
  • Download SDK Bundle version:




  • Updated embedded three.js to version r124
  • Fixed an issue with disabling measurement mode.
  • Fixed an issue with password submission on password protected spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with drag gesture ending prior to pointer release(improves transform control and mesh dragging).
  • Added optional effect composer. You must set useEffectComposer: true in the application config object in showcase.html.
  • Added Scene.configure function.
  • Download: SDK Bundle version:


  • Interface version updated to 3.8.
  • Added input data to mesh CLICK, HOVER, and DRAG interactions.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of password protected spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with toggling measurement mode.
  • Download: SDK Bundle version:

12-11-2020 General Availability



  • General: Added support for a custom embedly key. Mattertag videos and images can now be viewed with bundle applications. See Setting up Embedly
  • Conversion: Fixed an issue where Conversion.worldToScreen returned stale screen coordinates.
  • Components: Added support for arrays as inputs.
  • Added showX, showY, showZ and size to mp.transformControls inputs.
  • Download: SDK Bundle version:


  • Added mp.input,, and mp.transformControls components.
  • Inspector: added component list panel, 6DOF camera controls. Source code updated.
  • General: Includes SDK for embeds v3.5 features and bug fixes.
  • General: Fixed an issue where mattertags and labels were being loaded from localhost.
  • General: Fixed an issue where textures were not properly loaded on safari.
  • Download: SDK Bundle version:





  • Models: Web workers load textures in the background.
  • Models: Added loadingState property to the output of the gltf, dae, fbx, and obj loaders.
  • Models: Fixed an issue where reloading models would not release resources.
  • Scenes: Scene files support property and event bindings.
  • Scenes: Scene files support multiple components per node.
  • Components: Added most of the three/js/examples to the component context.
  • Fixed a startup race condition with createNode.


  • Fixed an issue where transform controls interrupted camera motion.


  • Added light objects: mp.ambientLight, mp.directionalLight, and mp.pointLight.
  • Added support for objects as component inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where onInteraction would not fire if the collider was a Mesh object.
  • Fixed a bug with the github showcase-sdk-tutorial repo where the app would load the bundle twice. github showcase-sdk-tutorial link.


  • First release