Mutations can add, update and remove boundary vertexes, boundary edges and rooms. These features provide the ability for external software to be created to synchronize changes between our platform and yours.

Mutation Description
addBoundaryVertex Create a vertex to add to a bounded region
addBoundaryEdge Create a boundary edge to add to a bounded region
addRoom Create a new room
bulkPatchRoomData Make multiple updates to room dimensional data and annotation/location associations
patchBoundaryVertex Update a bounded region vertex and impacted room data.
patchBoundaryEdge Update a bounded region edge and impacted room data.
addEdgeOpenings Create an opening on an existing boundary edge.
removeEdgeOpenings Delete specified openings from a boundary edge.
patchEdgeOpening Update the details of an opening on a boundary edge.
patchRoom Update the details of a room
deleteRoomsAndBoundaryData Delete rooms and their bounded regions.

The deleteRoomsAndBoundaryData mutation can leave room boundaries in a non-closed state. Affected room and overall floor dimensional data and associated annotations will not be updated until a patchRoom is called to close them again.

Property Insights and Layers

Several Mutations contain an optional field for layerId. This field will integrate with our forthcoming support of layers within Model API. As an optional field, if it is left blank, it will default to updating room boundary data on the base layer, which is what is currently available in Edit Mode.

Learn More

To learn more about the available mutations and the data that can be added, patched or delete, please refer to our reference guide.