Term Definition
SDK Client An object that sits on the window object of the page containing the showcase embed, window.MP_SDK . This object is used to make a connection to the sdk.
The client is loaded and initialized by executing the sdk client script, https://static.matterport.com/showcase-sdk/2.0.1-0-g64e7e88/sdk.js
In the example link above, the sdk client version is 2.0.1-0-g64e7e88
See Installation for instructions on how to load the sdk client.
Pano or Sweep Short for panorama. A spot in the Matterport Space where a user can stand and look around. Also called a ‘sweep’ as in a full Matterport camera rotation.

This includes 3D scan locations (panos aligned to each other) and 360º Views (unaligned panos).

A pano is the 2D visual data. This is different from 3D mesh data that the user sees in Dollhouse and Floorplan View.
UUID Unique Universal ID. This is used to identify a single pano among the many panos in a Matterport Space.
Position Absolute position (X, Y, and Z coordinates) of the pano within the Matterport Space. Learn more about the coordinate conventions.
Transition Transitions are what the user sees when they move from one pano to another. Transitions can be:
1) Fly-through — Flies from pano to pano inside the 3D Space.
2) Fade — Fades to black in between panos. This gives a more “slideshow” type of feeling.
3) Instant — Immediately switches from one pano to another without any transition.
Mode The user’s current view in 3D Showcase. It can be one of five possible modes:

1) Inside View (aligned pano)
2) 360º View or Outside View (unaligned pano)
3) Dollhouse View
4) Floorplan View
5) Transitioning between different modes.