Explore the Reference Docs

We’ve organized our SDK reference docs around modules (features) within 3D Showcase. If you’re new to the SDK docs, here’s a short description of each module.

The SDK Bundle provides an additional namespace, the Scene namespace, to the standard SDK.

Name Description
Globals Things related to the entire SDK, including subscribing (listening) and unsubscribing to events.
Camera The end-user’s view and what they currently see.
Floor How many floors in space and moving between floors.
Mattertag Get and read content from Mattertag™ Posts.
Mode Related to the end-user’s current viewing mode (Dollhouse, Floorplan, Inside View, etc)
Model Related to the metadata of the Matterport Space as a whole
Sweep Moving to a specific sweep/pano within the entire space
Tour Related to the Highlight Reel and Guided Tour functionality
Scene Get direct access to the 3d engine, renderer, scene graph and more

Within each module, the reference docs are organized in this way:

  • Enumerations - Typically these are events that you can listen to. Enums also include values of specific parameters for your actions.
  • Types - Definitions of objects and the primitives that they contain. These objects are used in the actions below.
  • Functions - Actions you can execute. Actions typically show the user something new or otherwise change the state of 3D Showcase.