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We’ve organized our SDK reference docs around modules (features) within 3D Showcase. If you’re new to the SDK docs, here’s a short description of each module.

GlobalsThings related to the entire SDK, including subscribing (listening) and unsubscribing to events.
CameraThe end-user’s view and what they currently see.
FloorHow many floors in space and moving between floors.
MattertagGet and read content from Mattertag™ Posts.
ModeRelated to the end-user’s current viewing mode (Dollhouse, Floorplan, Inside View, etc)
ModelRelated to the metadata of the Matterport Space as a whole
SweepMoving to a specific sweep/pano within the entire space
TourRelated to the Highlight Reel and Guided Tour functionality

Within each module, the reference docs are organized in this way:

  • Enumerations - Typically these are events that you can listen to. Enums also include values of specific parameters for your actions.
  • Types - Definitions of objects and the primitives that they contain. These objects are used in the actions below.
  • Functions - Actions you can execute. Actions typically show the user something new or otherwise change the state of 3D Showcase.