Sweep | Matterport SDK
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EmptySweepFloorInfo: object

Type declaration

  • id: undefined
  • sequence: undefined


MoveToOptions: object

rotation.x: is the amount the camera will rotate up/down, in the range between [-90…90] with -90 being straight down and 90 being straight up, 45 would be looking up at a 45 degree angle., -45 down etc.. rotation.y: is the amount the camera rotate around horizontally, between [-360…0…360], negative values to rotate to the left, positive to rotate to the right.

Note: The rotation that Sweep.moveTo uses for input is the same rotation that will get returned from the Camera.pose property.

const cachedPose = null;
mpSdk.Camera.pose.subscribe(function (pose) {
  cachedPose = pose;

// If the pose is returned immediately.

Type declaration

  • Optional rotation?: Rotation
  • Optional transition?: Sweep.Transition
  • Optional transitionTime?: undefined | number

    Total transition time in milliseconds.


ObservableSweepData: object

Type declaration


SweepData: object

Type declaration


SweepFloorInfo: object

Type declaration

  • id: string
  • sequence: number



An observable for the player's current sweep.

If the camera is transitioning to or is currently in Dollhouse or Floorplan mode, or if the camera is transitioning between sweeps, the currentSweep argument in the registered callback will be a "default" sweep that has an empty sid property.

If the sweep is an unaligned, unplaced 360º view, currentSweep.floorInfo.id and currentSweep.floorInfo.sequence will both be undefined.

Use this table with the results of sid, floorInfo.sequence, and floorInfo.id to determine the current of the three possible states.

at sweep transitioning in unplaced 360º view
sid ${current.sid} '' ${current.sid}
floorInfo.sequence ${floorInfo.sequence} undefined undefined
floorInfo.id ${floorInfo.id} undefined undefined
mpSdk.Sweep.current.subscribe(function (currentSweep) {
  // Change to the current sweep has occurred.
  if (currentSweep.sid === '') {
    console.log('Not currently stationed at a sweep position');
  } else {
    console.log('Currently at sweep', currentSweep.sid);
    console.log('Current position', currentSweep.position);
    console.log('On floor', currentSweep.floorInfo.sequence);


An observable collection of sweep data that can be subscribed to.

  onAdded: function (index, item, collection) {
    console.log('sweep added to the collection', index, item, collection);
  onRemoved: function (index, item, collection) {
    console.log('sweep removed from the collection', index, item, collection);
  onUpdated: function (index, item, collection) {
    console.log('sweep updated in place in the collection', index, item, collection);
  onCollectionUpdated: function (collection) {
    console.log('the entire up-to-date collection', collection);



  • A graph of enabled sweeps that can be used for pathfinding. This graph will automatically update as sweeps change and trigger any observers. The weight of each edge is the Euclidean distance from a sweep to its neighbor.

    Enabling a sweep will automatically add it and its edges to the graph.
    Disabling a sweep will automatically remove it and its edges from the graph.

    const sweepGraph = await mpSdk.Sweep.createGraph();
    const startSweep = sweepGraph.vertex('[start vertex]');
    const endSweep = sweepGraph.vertex('[end vertex]');
    const path = mpSdk.Graph.createAStarRunner(sweepGraph, startSweep, endSweep).exec();

    Returns Promise<Graph.IDirectedGraph<Sweep.ObservableSweepData>>


  • disable(...sweepIds: string[]): Promise<void>
  • Disable a set of sweeps by ids.

    Disabling a sweep will hide the sweep's puck and prevent the player's ability to navigate to that location.

    mpSdk.Sweep.disable('sweep1', 'sweep2', 'sweep3');


    • Rest ...sweepIds: string[]

    Returns Promise<void>


  • enable(...sweepIds: string[]): Promise<void>
  • Enable a set of sweeps by ids.

    Enabling a sweep will show the sweep's puck and allow the player to navigate to that location.

    mpSdk.Sweep.enable('sweep1', 'sweep2', 'sweep3');


    • Rest ...sweepIds: string[]

    Returns Promise<void>


  • Move to a sweep.

    const sweepId = '1';
    const rotation = { x: 30, y: -45 };
    const transition = mpSdk.Sweep.Transition.INSTANT;
    const transitionTime = 2000; // in milliseconds
    mpSdk.Sweep.moveTo(sweepId, {
        rotation: rotation,
        transition: transition,
        transitionTime: transitionTime,
        // Move successful.
        console.log('Arrived at sweep ' + sweepId);
        // Error with moveTo command


    Returns Promise<string>

    A promise that will return the destination sweep.