Conversion | Matterport SDK
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  • Converts a position of an object in 3d to the pixel coordinate on the screen


    • worldPos: Vector3

      Position of the object

    • cameraPose: Camera.Pose

      The current pose of the Camera as received from Camera.pose.subscribe

    • windowSize: Size

      The current size of the Showcase player

    • Optional result: Vector3

      An optional, pre-allocated Vector3 to store the result

      var showcase = document.getElementById('showcaseIframe');
      var showcaseSize = {
       w: showcase.clientWidth,
       h: showcase.clientHeight,
      var cameraPose; // get pose using: mpSdk.Camera.pose.subscribe
      var mattertag; // get a mattertag from the collection using: mpSdk.Mattertag.getData
      var screenCoordinate = mpSdk.Conversion.worldToScreen(mattertag.anchorPosition, cameraPose, showcaseSize)

    Returns Vector3